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Specialized Training

We offer the below mentioned training modules on a per-request basis:
    Process re-engineering and Improvement
  • Statistical Process Control
  • Design of Experiments
  • Process Capability Studies
  • Shainin Tools
  • Root Cause Analysis
  • FMEA (Failure Mode Effects Analysis): Process FMEA and Design FMEA
  • Technology applications
  • .NET Specialist
  • This extensive project driven training programcovers Object Oriented Software Application development using .NET Framework, Visual Studio 2012 and SQL Server 2012. This program includes Object Oriented Programming using C#, VB.Net, ADO and .NET Framework.

    The projects shall be implemented using the best practices of Object oriented software application development.

  • SQL Server Specialist
  • SQL Server 2012 offers a robust architecture for enterprise data management, developer productivity and business intelligence. This course provides the knowledge and practical skills needed to maximize the benefits of SQL Server 2012. You gain a solid ground on which to build essential SQL Server development and administrative skills, including creating databases, generating Transact-SQL statements, implementing security and reporting through reporting services.

    Participants can develop a commercial level distributed database. They can also plan & implement its replication on multiple servers as well as backup & restoration of the database.

  • Web Developer Specialist
  • Web Sites / Web Applications have taken immense importance in contemporary business. They must be aesthetically appealing & perform desired functionality effectively. In this course, you gain the knowledge and practical skills you need to develop a web application. You learn the fundamentals of HTML syntax, layout and CSS style sheets, creating effective Web pages, configuring a web server and designing databases using SQL Server 2012 and MySQL, producing dynamic web pages, retrieve and manipulate data, track user navigation, and integrate database contents using Asp.net MVC & PHP.

    Participants of the course can develop a commercial level web applications using Asp.net MVC & PHP, SQL Server 2012 & MySQL & AJAX. That web applications can be deployed to a commercial web server.

  • Oracle 10g Specialist
  • Oracle 10g DBA manage the industry's most advanced information systems command some of the highest salaries. This course is your first step towards success as an Oracle professional, designed to give you a firm foundation in basic database administration.

    Students will gain a conceptual understanding of the Oracle database architecture and how its components work and interact with one another. Students will also learn how to create an operational database and properly manage the various structures in an effective and efficient manner including performance monitoring, database security, user management, and backup/recovery techniques.

  • JAVA Specialist
  • Sun Microsystems’ Java unique architecture enables programmers to develop platform independent, object-oriented, scalable, n-tier applications. In this course you gain extensive experience with Java Standard Edition (Java SE) and its object-oriented features to develop robust enterprise applications. You also learn how to use key components of the Java Enterprise Edition (Java EE).

  • SWIFT and Objective C Specialist

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