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Customized IT Solutions for Africa

Inducing creativity and innovation for a technological future in Africa. The School of Continuous Improvement and Technology Centre (CSITS), The School of Continuous Improvement brings to the table an exciting array of customized IT solutions through its products/ services built to suit your organizational needs.
Your partners in Customized IT Solutions

CSITS will focus extensively on developing skills, capabilities and deploying IT solutions which seamlessly integrate with your current business processes. We will operate on a simple model shown below:


We make customized IT Solutions. We cannot make them if we don't listen. Thus, step 1 is requirements gathering. This step will be common to both our functional areas – Training and Deployment. We would ask the below questions:

What do you need?
  • Understanding end user needs
  • Understanding system constraints
  • Understanding business specifications

We start the cycle by having our Business Development/ Operations representative showing you a demo of how the IT application needed by you will work. Be sure to ask for the demo in the first meeting with our resources.

What do you have?
  • Understanding technical resources for deployment/ training
  • Understanding specific training needs
  • Understanding time for delivery
  • Understanding system constraints

With the specifications in hand, we will proceed to design and develop the application. We practice Agile in our Software Development so expect to be involved at each and every milestone.

A part of the development stage is the Pre-handoff testing. Pre-handoff testing happens in 2 stages

  • a) Testing done by us.
  • b) Testing done by you.

We will provide you with an interface that mirrors your interface for you to get a feel of how the application would work when we deploy this in our servers.

We would hate to say this but the fact is --- We may discover some bugs on the way until here. Don't worry, we will patch them with no additional charge.


Time for deployment – We will deploy the application on your interface or servers. Of course, we will have our Technical and User Experience lead who would come to deploy the application on your server. All of this is part of the package – So don’t worry about paying extra!

  • Server patching and database referencing
  • Pilot Deployment
  • Scaled up Deployment
  • Deployment testing and debugging
  • Documentation

We don’t just stop with deployment. We go a step ahead by making our presence felt when your staff starts using the applications. Not just that – We will organize training sessions, document everything concerned about the application (Make some kind of an SOP) and finally handoff the application to you.

Our IT solutions for Africa

No fancy names here. Lean stuff – Straight to the point. Find below our tools which we can offer to you!

Inventory control

Heard Materials Requirements Planning? Yeah – If your business orders for raw materials and uses them just so to re-order them, as part of the game, then the Inventory control system is for you. The inventory control system designed by us will help you be on top of your inventory needs allowing you to:

  • Forecast inventory needs much in advance
  • Alarm concerned stakeholders about impending need of raw materials
  • Keep track of capital in inventory
  • Calculate metrics like Inventory turns

With the ease of the system and less load on your servers, managing your inventory through mobile or desktop has never been so easy.

CSAT Measurement: Africa
  • On-sale customer feedback
  • Auto Net Promoter Score Calculation
  • Dashboard reporting
  • Lagging indices
Custom GPS Track: Africa

Have a fleet of trucks or vehicles which need to be tracked? Have an existing GPS tracking system, which doesn't work efficiently? Have reporting issues with existing GPS system? Read what our Custom GPS Track v1.0 product can offer you:

  • Multi-lingual user interface
  • Tracking on demand
  • Dashboard reporting
  • Fuel Management and Speed Management consoles
  • Dynamic destination ETA calculation
  • Integration with mobile interface
  • The Customized GPS Management system enables you to use your GPS Tracking system efficiently.

HMIS v1.0: Africa

Learn how to run your hospital operations efficiently satisfying customers: HMIS v1.0 is an excellent system that integrates healthcare delivery to organizational cost efficiency.

  • Patient in/ out control
  • Inventory control
  • Pilferage protection
  • Touch click billing reports
  • Mobile appointment booking
  • Schedules monitoring
  • Weekly P & L reports
  • If you don't have an Hospital Management system, or if your existing HMIS doesn't meet your needs, the HMIS v1.0 is there to meet your needs.

Clinic++: Clinic Management System for Africa

A multi-lingual easy to use Clinic Management system for Clinics and small healthcare setups.

  • Multi-lingual interface; English and Arabic
  • Scheduling/ Doctor's appointment booking
  • Electronic SOAP Notes integration
  • Financials reporting
  • Document Management
  • Patients Record Maanagement
  • Managing your healthcare setup has never been so easy with Clinic++. Speak to us at vishy@theschoolofci.org to arrange for a free demonstration of the system.

Our customized IT Applications deliver to your need and are affordable, reliable, easy to use and scalable.

Speak to us at vishy@theschoolofci.org for more information.

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