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BPI Consulting

Consulting in the sphere of Business Process Improvement often brings in a lot of challenges. In the 3 years of our operation while we have consulted with multiple clients across various geographies, it must be said that “We are still learning by the day.” Our rock-solid consulting process has stood us in good stead.

Our Consulting Process – Macro Level

bpi modelThe move from strategic focus to business process improvement initiatives (Often the crux of most consulting projects) is seamless with our consultants having enough expertise in implementing projects using proven process improvement approaches like Lean, Six Sigma, Kaizen, 8D etc.

Implementation to Transformation

As the CEO of your company, we are sure you desire long term improvement and sustenance of the gains resulting from the business process improvement initiatives conducted while the consultant is on-site. While the consultant would prepare the control plan, a tool used to sustain gains from an initiative, on-ground adherence to the control plan will have to be dealt with by the Operations department.

To empower you with adequate support during the implementation – transformation stage, our consultants will exchange frequent reports with the project point of contact and outline the status if the transformational change efforts for a period of 1 year from the conclusion and sign off the process improvement initiative.

Speak to us at vishy@theschoolofci.org / info@theschoolofci.org for more details on how we can help you with your consulting needs.

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