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About Us


Business process improvement is not a new idea to companies or individuals. There have been multiple approaches that are target towards improving business processes. With the objective of improving business processes being meeting or exceeding strategic objectives, these approaches end up being successes or failures.

It thus becomes important for us to arrive at a universally accepted definition of Continuous Improvement.

Here are some definitions that we present to you from the World Wide Web:
  • Step by step or gradual improvement
  • Radical or breakthrough improvement
  • Unrelenting or unceasing improvement
  • Sustained improvement
  • Restaurant Facility

What does all these words mean to you and your company? Maybe some improvement efforts are already been undertaken in your organization, but do these efforts qualify under the umbrella of continuous improvement?

We, at The School of Continuous Improvement use a very pragmatic approach to business process improvement. We don’t “Re-invent the wheel” when it comes to the core concepts of methodologies. Yet, we take enough care to ensure that the improvement methodology strikes well with the company.

To do so, we employ a streamlined process shown below:

  • Awareness
  • Program fitment
  • Program implementation
  • Program sign-off
  • Program follow-up
  • Implementation to transformation

Our main offerings are – Training and Consulting in the field of business process improvement. We take enough care to follow these steps in our offerings.

We request you to go through our website, which has many information resources. You can directly proceed to use some of them in your business process improvement initiative, or otherwise you can speak to us.

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