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Below is the list of Lean Six Sigma Certified individuals who have been trained by The School of Continuous Improvement on various levels of learning under the Lean Six Sigma Body of Knowledge. These certifications are accredited by the Council for Six Sigma Certifications, an official industry standard for Six Sigma accreditation. Certifications after 01st July, 2016 are dual accredited by American Society for Lean Six Sigma (ASLSS). Disclaimer - The School of Continuous Improvement doesn't accept responsibility for any malicious use of the certifications conferred.

Certificate ID First Name Last Name Skills
TSCIOLBB101 Pranjal Saxena LSSBB - Functional
TSCIOLGB102 Archana Desai LSSGB - Technical
TSCIOLBB103 Cheryl Melchizedek LSSBB - Functional
TSCIMUMBB104 Nutan Kadam LSSBB - Technical
TSCIMUMBB105 Nitin Dharmale LSSBB - Technical
TSCIMUMBB106 Pallav S LSSBB - Technical
TSCIOLBB108 Christopher Meffe LSSBB - Technical
TSCIKRTGB109 Mohamed Hassan E Adlan LSSGB - Functional
TSCIKRTGB110 Amir Magbool Ibrahim LSSGB - Functional
TSCIKRTGB111 Muzamil Gafer LSSGB - Functional
TSCIKRTGB112 Salah El Dien Sulaiman LSSGB - Functional
TSCIKRTGB113 Yousif El Taj Rosy LSSGB - Functional
TSCIKRTGB114 Yahya Fakih El Fakih LSSGB - Functional
TSCIKRTGB115 Yasser Gorashi LSSGB - Functional
TSCIMUMGB00407 Amit Vaidya LSSGB - Technical
TSCIMUMGB00403 Alex Chacko LSSGB - Technical
TSCIMUMGB00406 Manohar Govekar LSSGB - Technical
TSCIMUMGB00405 Raajeev B Laamba LSSGB - Technical
TSCIMUMGB00410 Rengi George LSSGB - Technical
TSCIMUMGB00408 Sameer Dangat LSSGB - Technical
TSCIMUMGB00401 Samir Kothari LSSGB - Technical
TSCIMUMGB00409 Sayon S. Das LSSGB - Technical
TSCIMUMGB00404 Zulfekar Shaikh LSSGB - Technical
TSCIMUMGB00411 Danny Crasto LSSGB - Technical
TSCIMBBOL1002 Vinod Nayak LSSGB - Technical
TSCIKRTGB0208 Abdulmunem Bushra Abdalla A DFSS Green Belt - Technical
TSCIKRTGB0207 Abobaker Abd-el Moneim Ibrahim DFSS Green Belt - Technical
TSCIKRTGB0204 Alfaroug Alemam Abdullah M DFSS Green Belt - Technical
TSCIKRTGB0215 Mohammed Mahdi Abdullah M DFSS Green Belt - Technical
TSCIKRTGB0205 Mazin Elfatih Mekki Marouf DFSS Green Belt - Technical
TSCIKRTGB0209 Muzamil Gafer Hassan DFSS Green Belt - Technical
TSCIKRTGB0210 Salah Edien Suleiman Ahmed DFSS Green Belt - Technical
TSCIKRTGB0203 Wajdi Jalal Osman Kambal DFSS Green Belt - Technical
TSCIKRTGB0214 Yousif Abdellah Ahmed M DFSS Green Belt - Technical
TSCIKRTGB0232 Abdarrahman Alawad Osman DFSS - Technical
TSCIKRTGB0250 Anas Omer Elaraki Ali LSSGB - Functional
TSCIKRTGB0251 Hatim Hussein Elhussein LSSGB - Technical
TSCIKRTGB0252 Alobeid Abdalbagi Mohammad Alriah LSSGB - Technical
TSCIKRTGB0253 Faig Ali Bakhet El Khes LSSGB - Technical
TSCIKRTGB0254 Ali Abd El Monem Ali Abnof LSSGB - Technical
TSCIKRTGB0254 Siddiga Abdulmoniem Siddig Rekabi LSSGB - Technical
TSCIKRTGB0255 Mohaned Mohammed Eisa Ibraheem LSSGB - Technical
TSCIKRTGB0256 Elsayed Elnur Ali Mahil LSSGB - Technical
TSCIKRTGB0257 Bakhit Hassan Yahia Adam LSSGB - Technical
TSCIKRTGB0258 Elamin Bashier Mohammed Elmahi LSSGB - Technical
TSCIKRTGB0259 Adam Mohamed Adam Abubaker LSSGB - Technical
TSCIKRTGB0260 Waleed Abd Alzeez Alzeez Alhag LSSGB - Technical
TSCIKRTGB0261 Mohamed Elsheikh Elhassan Elsheikh LSSGB - Technical
TSCIKRTGB0262 Isameldin Salih Ahmed Abdalqfor LSSGB - Technical
TSCIKRTGB0263 Elfatih Awad Abdalla Salih LSSGB - Technical
TSCIKRTGB0264 Eltayeb Babiker Eltayeb Babiker LSSGB - Technical
TSCIKRTGB0265 Abdelgalil Adam Ahmed AlSiddig LSSGB - Technical
TSCIKRTGB0266 Ghandy Hussein Abdallah Gassem Elssed LSSGB - Technical
TSCICRKRT008 Zuhair Babiker Habiballa Mohamed LSSGB - Functional
TSCICRKRT015 Mazin Awad Elamin Abdalla LSSGB - Functional
TSCICRKRT009 Abobaker Mohamed Osman LSSGB - Technical
TSCICRKRT016 Mosab Abd Alrazig Abd Al Seed LSSGB - Technical
TSCIKRTGB0270 Mohamed Eltahir Eltayeb LSSGB - Technical
TSCIKRTGB0271 Mohammed Abdelrahim Babiker LSSGB - Technical
TSCIKRTGB0281 Abdalla Gurashi Ali Ibrahim LSSGB - Technical
TSCIKRTGB0280 Babiker Abdelrahim Babiker LSSGB - Technical
TSCIKRTGB0300 Mudathir Abdalla Mohamed Hakim LSSGB - Technical
TSCIKRTBB0274 Abdalla Gurashi Ali Ibrahim LSSBB - Technical
TSCIKRTBB0275 Babiker Abdelrahim Babiker LSSBB - Technical
TSCIKRTBB0272 Luai Ibrahim Hamid LSSBB - Technical
TSCIKRTBB0273 Mohamed Eltahir Eltayeb LSSBB - Technical
TSCIKRTBB0276 Mohammed Abdelrahim Babiker LSSBB - Technical
TSCIKRTBB0277 Mudathir Abdalla Mohamed Hakim LSSBB - Technical
TSCIKRTMBB0411 Mohamed Eltahir Eltayeb LSSMBB - Technical
TSCIKRTBB0408 Adam Guma Khamis Ageeb LSSBB - Technical
TSCIKRTBB0405 Ayman Elsiddig Ahmed Abdelhi LSSBB - Technical
TSCIKRTBB0406 Eisa Abdelrasoul Adam LSSBB - Technical
TSCIKRTBB0403 Faiz Elsamani Ahmed Mansour LSSBB - Technical
TSCIKRTBB0407 Ismail Moawia Ismail Ibrahim LSSBB - Technical
TSCIKRTBB0401 Omer Fadelelsaid Mohamed Fadelelsaid LSSBB - Technical
TSCIKRTBB0404 Qusai Mahgoub Mohamed Elhassan LSSBB - Technical
TSCIKRTBB0402 Sami Omer Enger Glaldeen LSSBB - Technical
TSCIKRTYB0412 Mohamed Eltahir Eltayeb LSSYB - Functional
TSCIBPLGB0463 Aman Shukla LSSGB - Technical
TSCIBPLGB0457 Amit Dwivedi LSSGB - Technical
TSCIBPLGB0451 Ankit Bakshi LSSGB - Technical
TSCIBPLGB0456 Atul Ladheriwale LSSGB - Technical
TSCIBPLGB0454 Manoj Gaur LSSGB - Technical
TSCIBPLGB0462 Paridhi Dubey LSSGB - Technical
TSCIBPLGB0459 Pratishtha Chaturvedi LSSGB - Technical
TSCIBPLGB0460 Sachin Tiwari LSSGB - Technical
TSCIBPLGB0464 Shubham Chourasiya LSSGB - Technical
TSCIBPLGB0461 Supriya Veerkar LSSGB - Technical
TSCIBPLGB0465 Vaibhav Chandravanshi LSSGB - Technical
TSCIBPLGB0452 Vikash Kumar Gupta LSSGB - Technical
TSCIKRTGB0612 Elnazier Zakaria Eltayeb Elshaikh Gadalla LSSGB - Technical
TSCIKRTGB0604 Hafiz Hassan Saad Elkhider LSSGB - Technical
TSCIKRTGB0608 Hassan Sidahmed Hassan Abdalla LSSGB - Technical
TSCIKRTGB0602 Hathim Abdalla Mohammed Elhaj Mohammed LSSGB - Technical
TSCIKRTGB0601 Mazin Hussein Mohammed Idris LSSGB - Technical
TSCIKRTGB0606 Moaz Abdalla Hassan Mohammed Ahmed LSSGB - Technical
TSCIKRTGB0600 Mohamed Awad Abdalnabi Ali LSSGB - Technical
TSCIBPLGB0458 Mohammad Asad LSSGB - Technical
TSCIKRTGB0611 Mohamed Hussein Mohamed Idris LSSGB - Technical
TSCIKRTGB0610 Montaser Gaffer Yahya Mohammed Ahmed LSSGB - Technical
TSCIKRTGB0607 Moutasim Osman Elkhalifa Awadelkareem LSSGB - Technical
TSCIKRTGB0609 Musab Babiker Hassan Malik LSSGB - Technical
TSCIKRTGB0603 Omer Mohamed Eltayeb Ahmed LSSGB - Technical
TSCIKRTGB0605 Mohammed Sirelkhatim Abdelwahab LSSGB - Technical